Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature... and make disciples of all nations.

Mark16:15 & Matthew 28:19
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Get To Know Us

Scott and Nancy Hinkle

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The Mission

Three words help define direction for the life of a Christ follower—purpose, mission and assignments.

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Come Join Us

The faith of a Christ follower is proactive, lived out every day serving, blessing, reaching others. Let’s do it together.


Imagine this with me for a moment…

Hundreds of thousands of people converging upon a city. They are focused upon partying, drinking and even debauchery and perversion. They may be searching for the time of their life or running from something.

One thing is for sure…church, Christianity and Jesus is the furthest thing from their mind.

This was Mardi Gras 2023 and our 42nd outreach there.

Our Holy Ghost Gideon Type Soulwinning Army of 125 people had been preparing for PRECISION STRIKE MARDI GRAS for weeks. They had been praying, fasting and preparing to engage with the partiers in the French Quarter.


In just three days…this amazing small but anointed army individually and personally ministered to over 1700 people. The same people who did not have church, Christianity or Jesus in the forefront of their Mardi Gras plans were prayed with for salvation, healing or recommitment to Christ as well as for so many other needs!
Please understand this. If a great impact and harvest can be seen in the midst of unthinkable moral depravity and spiritual darkness in a city now ranked #1 for murder--- THERE IS HOPE FOR AMERICA!

The Apostle Paul gave us the charge to “Make the most of every opportunity in these evil days.” (Ep.5:16 NLT)

This hope can’t be realized by magic but by God’s people passionately praying and rising to action.

So many of our team testified of having divine appointments with those they ministered to as well as having their own personal breakthroughs in evangelism.

It’s always an honor to partner with our good friend Pastor Steve Smith and Westpoint Church in Gretna helping to reach their city.

During the Monday afternoon outdoor Prayer Rally on the riverfront in the midst of the partying over 1500 people gathered to worship and pray. During the rally several responded to the invitation to make their lives right with God and to get His help.


Light works best in darkness…we are set up!

If God can make an impact upon lives at Mardi Gras in New Orleans in such a powerful way imagine what can happen if we will as Isaiah wrote:

“Arise,shine for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you. See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the Lord rises upon you and His glory appears over you. Nations will come to your light and kings to the brightness of your dawn. (Is.60:1-3 NIV)

Three years ago I heard the Lord speak to me as it appeared the pandemic was shutting down so much ministry. These words dropped clearly into my spirit –“more gospel, to more people, in more places.”

From that moment forward we’ve barely slowed down. I personally believe we are now living in one of the greatest seasons in decades for the power of the Holy Spirit to change lives!!

Let us choose to be a part. God Bless you!


Scott and Nancy have worked whole-heartedly in evangelism and urban outreach since their conversion in the early '70's. As "missionaries to America", their heart is to reach the lost, minister to the hurting and to mobilize churches to reach out to their own communities. Their commitment to the Lord and their desire to do His will is readily evident to all who meet them. They have been a great asset to our local church.

Pastor Tommy Barnett
Dream City Church

At a time when most American Christians have lost the priority of evangelism, God has raised up Scott Hinkle to reorder our priorities. I pray the church will listen to his message and reclaim our mission to share Christ’s love.

J. Lee Grady
Contributing Editor, Charisma Magazine

I thank God for Scott Hinkle, who has never forgotten his initial mandate and call. He is burdened not only with reaching the lost himself but also training a new, emerging generation of evangelists to go forth and be tangible expressions of Christ to the nations.


Different ways you may get involved with SHOM


Be a prayer partner praying regularly for the outreaches, ministry, Scott and Nancy and their team.

Participate and Serve

Come participate and serve in an outreach (ie Mardi Gras New Orleans). You may come yourself or even bring a group. Contact us for more information shom2@aol.com. These events are posted on Facebook and Twitter,too.

ITR Event

Host an Increase The Reach event in your church.


Become a monthly donor partnering with SHOM in spreading the Gospel.


A great way to share the Good News Message.
Sizes available S, M, L , XL, XXL--please indicate with your order.
Revival T-Shirt
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Effective Evangelism in Today's World
Learn the purposes,principles and practicalities of "Effective Evangelism in Today's World" in my new 10 week online video course. Go to www.cfni.org/online
Recapturing Your Primary Purposes
In this straightforward volume you will recapture God's great desire of reaching those who don't know Christ. The Great Commission will be returned to it's placeof priority in your heart,life and ministry.
Surpr!sed - Living Life in the Unexpected
God is looking for someone for a particular assignment. There is no one He would rather use than you. You are what He’s looking for — SURPRISE!
Christian Come Out of the Closet
A positive and practical book that can be read in one hour.Thousands of people worldwide have learned how to begin to share their faith in Christ with others everyday. This book has been used in churches, Bible Colleges and small groups as well.
Evangelism Course
For many years Scott Hinkle has had a strong voice in evangelism in America. This course are his teaching notes including assignments and final exam from teaching a semester long course on evangelism in a Bible College. It comes on a USB drive and is in Microsoft Word,PDF, Mac and Text format and would be 68 printed pages.

With over four decades partnering together with churches worldwide for community evangelism, SHOM has developed an initiative to help any church reach more people with the gospel.

What is an initiative? -- “A plan or program that is intended to help solve a problem.” Merriam Webster Dictionary

AN INCREASE THE REACH weekend is flexible in structure and presents a positive and proven practical approach to effectively address bringing the gospel to a community in urban, suburban or rural settings. Attention is primarily focused upon two areas.

  1. The great opportunity:
    To meet the challenge of increasing and sustaining evangelism in and through the contemporary American church to reach our community individually and more effectively.
  2. The dynamics and mechanics of a plan to help the challenge.
    The INCREASE THE REACH INITIATIVE focuses upon interactive training with the pastoral team, ministry leadership and key workers in “developing a culture of evangelism.” Priority is given to building a personalized plan for ongoing evangelism in the local community working from “the inside—out.”

A Sunday service of ministry imparting a heart for reaching others is a vital part of the INCREASE THE REACH INITIATIVE.

If you are interested in more detailed information or to schedule INCREASE THE REACH in your church please contact our office at shom2@aol.com or 214-212-0409.